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D.C. Road Tripping – The Great Monuments

As we drove in towards our hotel in Georgetown along the Potomac River the night we arrived, everyone got excited when we saw the lit up Washington Monument in the distance, and decided that's where we should go on our first day in D.C.  Now, we certainly did not pick Washington D.C. as our road… Continue reading D.C. Road Tripping – The Great Monuments

Life Happens

Life Happens – December 2018

Sometimes our life gets so busy that most days just fly by without us giving them a second thought.  Therefore, 'Life Happens' is an occasional recap on what has been happening in our neck of the woods during the past month or two... December is usually a very busy month for us.  In addition to getting ready for… Continue reading Life Happens – December 2018

The 'Move'

Because We Like Doing Things the Hard Way

All of the planning and efforts that are needed to make an international move possible is no joke.  I wish it was as simple as bringing nothing but two suitcases like I did when I moved to the U.S. twenty-some years ago. Trying to knock off the tasks on the ever-growing to-do list while still… Continue reading Because We Like Doing Things the Hard Way