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Hawaii (Day 2) – Diamond Head Hiking

Before we crashed the previous night, we did manage to stop by the hotel's convenient store to pick up some eggs and milk.   So when everyone woke up before 5am island time, we were able to not scramble (pun-intended) and leisurely cooked and enjoyed breakfast in our apartment.  When everyone's got a full tummy, we walked a… Continue reading Hawaii (Day 2) – Diamond Head Hiking

Simply Rambling

Starting a New Job at 40 [updated]

For as much as I've talked about needing a change, starting a new job was definitely not something I had in mind.  I still very much enjoyed my work (most days), and the company I was with had excellent benefits.  I was comfortable at my job and I was highly efficient at what I do, and… Continue reading Starting a New Job at 40 [updated]

Small Annoyance in Life

Small Annoyance in Life – Radio

Since I am a very impatient person, I am easily annoyed with the smallest things.  Therefore, I decided to record these small annoyances I find in life...(strictly personal opinion only!) Listening to the Radio - When the radio station I was listening to played a song I dislike, I'd immediately switch to another radio station, only to find… Continue reading Small Annoyance in Life – Radio