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Starting a New Job at 40 [updated]


For as much as I’ve talked about needing a change, starting a new job was definitely not something I had in mind.  I still very much enjoyed my work (most days), and the company I was with had excellent benefits.  I was comfortable at my job and I was highly efficient at what I do, and the work itself was still challenging to keep me from being bored.  And the best part of it all was that I got to work from home full-time!

Then…I suppose certain circumstances changed at the company so I was not exactly happy there anymore.  And as luck would have it, before I even considered seeing what’s out there, a potential job opportunity landed on my lap.  After much debate and discussion with my husband, and many many sleepless nights, I finally decided that I owe it to myself to give it a shot.  It was an intriguing opportunity with a young, but growing company.  It saddened me to leave the company after working there for more than 12 years, and honestly to have to start all over again at a new job was pretty daunting, especially at my age.  However, if I ever wanted to do something different with my career, then it was time for me to make the jump.

Besides, how cool was it that on the very first day of the new job, they flew me down to the beautiful St. Pete Beach, FL, to join their annual colleague conference.  We spent 3 days in this resort right on the beach.  Pretty awesome I must say!



Today, I’m almost 4 months into the new job and unsurprisingly, I have been extremely overwhelmed with having so much to learn and unable to perform efficiently.  I know I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I really hope that things will slowly (who am I kidding?) quickly become more manageable otherwise this may not turn out to be the best career move after all… >”<


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