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Hawaii – Day 1

We took a family vacation earlier this year to Hawaii and I have not had the chance to record it anywhere (other than sharing the pictures on FB).  Since it was hands down our favorite vacation thus far (and the ridiculous amount of time I spent on researching/planning for the trip), I felt that I owe it to myself to write down all of the fun things we did.  Therefore, the next few posts will act as my travel journal so please bear with me…

Day 1 – Travel Day

In order to make this vacation as affordable as possible (if there is even such a thing for going to Hawaii), we have decided to fly out of Toronto.  I don’t know why the flights were so much cheaper there, but the savings we got made the long drive worthwhile.  Therefore, we drove to Toronto the night before, stayed one night at a hotel via a park-and-fly package, and took the hotel shuttle to the airport bright and early the next morning.

Not sure if it was the time of the day, but the Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport was so crowded that morning and we had to wait in line for a very long time just to get through immigration.  Not the best start for a sleep deprived bunch.  Then it was a quick 2.5-hour flight to Atlanta, and onto the 10-hour flight to Honolulu.  For whatever reason, it never occurred to me prior to this trip that flying to Honolulu is not an international flight.  I just assumed that since the flight time is so long (that it might as well be an international flight), of course there would be food served on the plane, right?  WRONG!  We were totally unprepared (aside from some nuts and carrots for snacks) and before long, we were all so hungry that we had no choice but to shell out money to buy the over-priced, not-so-appetitizing airplane food.  Lesson learned!

By the time we arrived and picked up our rental car at Honolulu airport, it was after 5pm local time which means fighting rush hour traffic to get to our hotel.  Who knew the rush hour traffic is just as bad in paradise?  🙂

After checking in and dropped our stuff off in the room, we ventured off to find the first restaurant we see nearby to get some quick dinner, just so we could return to the room and pass out.  Because after being up since 4:30am and then still up after midnight (5-hour time change) to eat ‘dinner’ was just not that much fun.  Even if that means passing up seeing the beautiful sunset on the famous Waikiki beach.  However, there was no way to walk by the yummy ice cream place without getting some of course.  Nothing like having ice cream just before bed, right?



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