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Hawaii (Day 4 Afternoon) – Halona Cove and Starlight Luau

After a quick lunch at Hanauma Bay’s snack bar, we headed north towards Halona Blowhole.  Somewhere along the Kalanianole Highway (Hwy 72), we saw a small but packed parking area off the side of the road.  Not knowing what to expect, we decided to pull in since another car was just leaving.  Turns out, we have stumbled upon the Lanai Lookout.  What makes Lanai Lookout so awesome was the fact that you could actually climb all the way down to the water.  And we wouldn’t actually realize this if it weren’t for my daughter’s insistence on hopping over the railing to ‘go explore’.  🙂

(Lanai Lookout)
(This was when I realized the zooming on iPhone doesn’t work with the waterproof cover on… >”<)

(The actual lookout area on top…it was a pretty fun climb)

So glad we decided to pull over for this unplanned stop and what a nice surprise find it was!  Thanks to our little adventurer that we got to experience it!

Next we arrived at Halona Blowhole Lookout and had to wait quite a while for a parking spot (free parking).  Halona Blowhole Lookout is located off the Kalanianole Highway, north of Hanauma Bay and just south of Sandy Beach.  The lookout offers really excellent views of the shoreline, and when the wave is high, it says that the blowhole could shoot upto 30 feet of water up in the air.  However, you definitely need some serious patience to wait for the water to come up though.  We took our time and just hung out by the railing, and eventually did see the water shoot up maybe around 10 feet a couple of times.  Since I was not patient enough to wait for it with the camera at the ready, we only got to capture it with our eyes.  🙂

(View of Sandy Beach from Halona Blowhole Lookout)

The main attraction for this stop is the Halona Beach Cove, which is located on the west side of the Blowhole overlook.  I read somewhere that the cove was made popular in the movie From here to Eternity, filmed there in 1953.  We had to climb down a rocky and fairly steep path to get to it.  Once we made it down to the cove however, it sure was worth every bit of the effort.  The cove consists of a small patch of sandy area and is a fun place to swim and jump the waves.

(Halong Beach Cove)
(Ironically, you do have to go beyond this point in order to climb down to the cove…)
(the path)


After a fun day in the ocean, we finished it up by attending the Waikiki Starlight Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  I know, I know.  It seemed pretty lame to have the luau on a roof top in the middle of a city, instead of on a beautiful beach somewhere.  But since it wasn’t exactly a must-do for us, we figured that it would make our life that much easier to be able to just walk back to our room after the event, especially after such a busy day.  The luau was  interesting, and the food/drink was appetizing enough.  The performance may be just a tad too long for our liking, but then again, we weren’t really that into it to begin with.  We did very much enjoy the last performance of the flame knife throwing though.


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