Simply Rambling

Getting back into Shape

One thing I did want to accomplish this year is to try to get back into shape.  Did you see that I say ‘try to’?  The fact is, I have never been much into working out and all that fitness stuff, and probably will never be.  Of course I know that regular exercising is important for my long-term health, but for whatever reason I just can never find the motivation to keep at it with enough interest.

Throughout the years I have tried many different things.  I’ve worked with a personal trainer but couldn’t afford that long term.  I’ve taken a group bootcamp class but ended up sprained my ankle.  I’ve taken tennis lessons which I actually did really enjoy and wouldn’t mind keep going.  But the class was subsequently cancelled due to low enrollment and I couldn’t make their other class times, so that was that.  I’ve tried swimming in the mornings before work which I think lasted all of a couple of months.

My favorite activity is actually to go for a walk (in a brisk pace), but I would only do that if my hubby comes along with me so I have someone to talk to.  For quite a while we were walking regularly as our daily workday routine (we called that our lunch breaks), even in the middle of the winter.  But that routine pretty much completely stopped right after I started the new job.  Since I still don’t have a good handle on everything at work, I couldn’t commit to a daily walking schedule.  So you see, it’s just way too easy for me to allow something getting in the way of exercising..

One thing that’s clear from all this though, is that I am not the type who likes to work out on my own in a gym.  I tend to enjoy it more when there is company while doing some sort of activity.  Then my hubby found out that there is this new boxing gym opened in town and signed us up for a free 1-hour demo class.  It was such a hard workout that I thought I was going to pass out.  That’s how out of shape I am!  But surprisingly I did have fun and liked the actual boxing part of the workout (not so much the last 15-minute core exercises though).  Therefore, I signed up for a 12-month membership and have been trying to make it at least twice if not three times a week.  So far, I’ve been at it for over 3 months.  I think I do have a little more energy these days, but haven’t noticed any other changes really (namely, my weight).  So I guess the jury is still out on this one for now.  At the very least, I am doing something active on a regularly basis which must count for something, right?  🙂


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