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Hawaii (Day 6 Morning) – Swimming at a Waterfall

One thing I really wanted to do while in Hawaii was to take the kids to see a waterfall, and if we could somehow swim right up to it, that would totally be awesome.  So when I came across Waimea Fall in my research, I just had to add it to our itinerary.

Waimea Fall (Waihï Waterfall) is located inside Waimea Valley, in the town of Hale’iwa, in northern Oahu.  Waimea Valley is a nature conservation and its botanical garden contains various tropical and subtropical plants.  You do have to pay for admission in order to enter the valley, and then it’s a very pleasant hike (less than 1-mile) to the waterfall area.  As soon as we entered the valley, it felt like we were transported to some tropical jungle.  There was lush green everywhere and birds chirping all around.


(Our destination – Waimea Fall!)


One thing to note about this waterfall is that there are changing rooms available which is nice to be able to get out of the wet suits.  There are also lifeguards on duty and they do require ALL swimmers to wear life jackets (free of charge).  While it was certainly a very cool experience to swim up to a waterfall, unfortunately the water temperature was frigid cold so no one really wanted to stay in there too long.  Luckily, once everyone is changed into dry clothes, the hike back to the entrance helped with warming up.

We decided to grab some quick lunch at the food service area, instead of eating at their sit-down restaurant ‘The Proud Peacock’.  According to the sign, there are resident peacocks (and chicken) roaming the grounds in the valley (hence the name of the restaurant I suppose).  Half way through lunch, a peacock did saunter right by our table.



The initial excitement of seeing a peacock up close and personal however quickly turned into a bit of wariness, as we seemed to be having our very own stalker peacock.  He was very interested in our food and kept circling our table and eyeing our lunch. I was getting nervous with it coming so close, as the sign on the patio also says ‘Peacocks do bite’…


But it’s the unexpected encounters like this that makes a vacation extra memorable, right?


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