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His Version of Mid-Life Crisis?

When it comes to fitness and working out, my hubby is the complete opposite of me.  While I have a hard time being motivated to stay consistent, and am just happy to get to my boxing class twice maybe three times a week, he on the other hand could not seem to be exercising enough.  He works out 6 days a week, doing things ranging from lifting, crossfit, running, pilates, rock climbing, mountain biking and swimming.  It makes me exhausted just to look at his workout schedule…

Have you ever seen the American Ninja Warrior competition on TV?  Well, let me tell you,  we are huge fans over here and we watch every episode religiously.  Needless to say, it is my hubby’s ultimate dream to be able to one day compete on that show.  Of course we know that it is practically impossible to make it on the show.  Hence as sort of a substitution, he’s been doing various obstacle course races that he can find in the area these past several years.

His goal for himself when it comes to these races is not only to place well in his age group, but he also wants to beat out the ‘younger guys’.  I personally don’t know how realistic he is with this, but he sure works hard towards it.  🙂

These races typically take place on Saturday mornings, while the children have swimming.  Therefore, it was not until just a few weekends ago that we finally got the chance to see him running one of these infamous races.

(Of course my future ninja warrior has to try out the rope climb and she did make it to the top!)
(just before the race)
(Ready, Set, Go!)

13662317_1142954719097604_583303588837864713_o 13667981_1142954875764255_7240175358066439002_o 13914029_1142954939097582_371859264086262123_o 13680146_1142954932430916_8676431712942769446_o 13669248_1142955025764240_7269547475810176777_o 13919959_1142955105764232_3559222595212997263_o 13913608_1142955099097566_8703418722511726982_o

(after the race - notice the white shirt is now brown)
(after the race – notice the white shirt is now brown)

After being there in person watching all these people race, I guess I could see why my hubby is so into it.  It’s definitely a very challenging, but fun race (if you are into getting down and dirty) and I can see the appeal to him.  In fact, both kids think that they might want to participate in a future kids obstacle course race themselves!


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