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Hawaii (Day 6 Afternoon) – Laie Point & North Shore

The rest of this day was spent driving up and down the Kamehameha Highway (Hwy 83), specifically the famous North Shore portion.  We first visited the Laie Point State Wayside.  Late Point is located a bit hidden off the main road, so you will need to go through a neighborhood to get to it.  I have heard that it is a popular cliff jumping spot for the locals, but as the currents were very strong this day, we did not get to witness anyone performing the daring act.

The view here at the point is spectacular, though the main attraction would definitely be this small island with a big puka (hole) in the middle. The hole was punched out by a tsunami back in 1946 and thus set up this cool landmark.

11148337_1034064446653299_1739860637490951431_o 12715915_1034064476653296_3796588046883931837_o 12711167_1034064769986600_5722519157886515032_o

After leaving Laie point, we made a quick stop at a roadside shrimp truck for some yummy garlic shrimp, knocking off one of my wanna do’s in Oahu.  We’ve heard much about the popularity of these shrimp trucks by North Shore, and while they were indeed tasty, we did feel that they were too pricey though.

With a full tummy, we went to hang out at Sunset Beach to watch the waves.  We did not have the fortune to be able to witness the famous giant waves that usually happen in the winter months.  But the waves were still too powerful so the beach was technically closed.


(the lone surfer going out to catch some waves)


(they did get a whistle from the lifeguard on duty when they got too close to the water)

We lingered here for a while, simply enjoyed the moment.  Even though the waves were rough, but sitting there watching them had a surprising calming effect.

Continuing on heading east, we hit Shark’s Cove next.  This was an unplanned stop, but it turned out to be another great find.  After spending some time watching the waves hit and splashed up against these rock barriers, we hiked down on the rocks to get closer to the water.  The kids sure did get a good kick out of it!

12698214_1034065276653216_7271295638958631885_o 12711118_1034065176653226_4524912974148849610_o 10495000_1034065196653224_8586209244037891955_o 12671647_1034065453319865_1372621864421251303_o

Finally we finished up the North Shore tour by visiting and consuming some of those famous Matsumoto Shave Ice in Haleiwa.  You can choose any 3 combination of flavors in your bowl of shaved ice.  I know they are really just flavored ice, but it was still yummy and fun to try out some exotic flavors such as guava and mango!

12716432_1034065449986532_7005972299110518034_o 11082187_1034065559986521_42781815934200869_o


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