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Goodbye Hawaii…

The day to say goodbye to Hawaii has crept up on us.  We were still having so much fun that we just weren’t ready to leave yet.  Unfortunately the reality called and we had to sadly load up the rental car and checked out from the condo.  We did however manage to squeeze in one last stop before heading to the airport for the late afternoon flight.


Since we only had a few hours of free time and all of our belongings were already packed up inside the suitcases, we figured going to another beach may be too rushed.  Plus the idea of not having a clean place to wash up afterwards just did not sound appealing to me anyway.  Therefore, we settled on visiting Dole Plantation.

To be perfectly honest, the whole place was a bit underwhelming for me.  It mainly consists of a building that sells all kinds of souvenirs and there really isn’t much else to see/do, unless you pay the money to go into the maze or to ride the Pineapple Express. Since we had to kill a couple of hours here, we did end up shell out the money to do just that.  The maze was actually a lot of fun especially when we made it into a competition between the boys and the girls to see who can finish first (the girls did!).  We also tried the famous dole whip.  I think we would’ve enjoyed the dole whip more had we only gotten one to share, instead of each of us getting our own, especially both kids decided that they didn’t want it anymore after only a few bites.  So unfortunately while it was yummy at first, after maybe 20 bites it was getting to be too much and we ended up dumping most of it out… 😦

(a small garden area next to the entrance)
(a small garden area next to the entrance)
(We conquered the world’s largest maze!)
(The famous dole whip. It was WAY TOO filling. Should’ve just gotten one to share…)
(the view from the Pineapple Express train ride)

And just like that, our one-week Hawaiian adventure has come to an end.  One of my favorite things of this entire trip was the unplanned stops that led to unexpected yet amazing encounters. People really were not lying when they say Hawaii is paradise.  Everywhere you turn could be another beautiful view.  I also think that while you want to have some sort of itinerary planned out on things you want to see or do, it’s best to be able to stay flexible, in case of any last minute changes needed, either due to weather or nature circumstances (i.e.  Hanauma Bay was closed the day after we visited due to jellyfish in the area).

I have no doubt that anyone who has visited this amazing place inevitably left a piece of their heart behind and hope to return one day.  This was definitely by far the most epic vacation that we have ever been on and both kids often ask when we will go back again.  In fact, my daughter has made it her goal to move to Hawaii when she grows up.  Who can blame her, right?  But for now, we will just be content with all of the wonderful memories we’ve made.  Aloha Hawaii!  Hope to see you again sometime!



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