Life Happens

Life Happens – September

Sometimes our life gets so busy that most days just fly by without us giving them a second thought (and not everything warrants its own blog post).  Therefore, ‘Life Happens’ is an occasional recap on what has happened in our neck of the woods during the past month or so…

For the first time ever I had to miss out on my kiddos’ first day of school (due to my sudden trip here).  I was definitely a little sad that day, for not being able to take the annual ‘first day’ picture and walk them to their new classrooms.  Thankfully, they both have a great teacher this year and seem to be loving it from day one.  Here’s to a fantastic school year!

Each kid won a goldfish from some game they played during their school’s family picnic back in early June.  They begged me to let them take the fish home and I thought, well, they won’t survive long so why not?  We managed to find a small fish bowl to put them in, and the Boy’s fish promptly died in less than a week like I expected.  However, 3 and a half months later the Girl’s fish is STILL going strong.  We could not believe it!  Since we always assume that it is going to die any moment, no one bothered to give it a name other than calling it ‘the fish’.  Then a few weeks ago she decided to name it ‘Idiot’.  It does not look like ‘Idiot’ is going to leave us anytime soon as it is in fact growing bigger.  For as much as I don’t want the fish around, we do make sure to feed him plenty everyday as I don’t want to be personally responsible for his demise…

Hubby found a local ninja warrior training gym a few months ago and has stopped in to play around a few times during their open-gym time.  I know he would’ve wanted to join the gym had it been closer to where we live.  A 45-minute drive each way is not exactly convenient for our busy schedule.  The gym held a local competition a few weekends ago which Hubby participated in.  The Boy and the Girl also got to do the kids competition as well.  I think they all did a fine job especially with the lack of training compared to a lot of people there.
14425500_1187206571339085_663882840065301442_o 14409536_1187206574672418_5494353481623340518_o
14379865_1187206644672411_2888324354735003113_o 14361277_1187206581339084_4114550903431428744_o

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Harry Potter Marathon
While Hubby headed for Chicago for a weekend-long seminar, the kids and I hunkered down and started our Harry Potter movie marathon.

Vacation Planning
Yes, we have one more big trip coming in October!  Apparently this year has been really good for curing my travel bug.  My hubby thinks that part of my mid-life crisis stems from my wanderlust, and that I’m the happiest when I have a vacation to plan for/look forward to, and also I’d leave him alone for a while with other crazy ideas.  🙂  As to where we will be going, the aforementioned Harry Potter marathon should give you a good idea!


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