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Our Thanksgiving Traditions

We are so very lucky to have Hubby's brother, the undeniably the best cook/chef in the family, to host the annual Thanksgiving feast.  This only means one thing people:  we always inadvertently consume way too much yummy food and over-stuff ourselves by the end of the feast, no matter what we may have told ourselves in advance… Continue reading Our Thanksgiving Traditions

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London, England – A Royal Day Out

Sunday, October 2 - This was the one day on our schedule that was full of 'timed' activities.  Even though we all passed out before 9pm the previous night, we still really struggled to get up when the alarm went off at 7:30 in the morning (which was 2:30am back home).  Luckily the flat was less than… Continue reading London, England – A Royal Day Out

Life Happens

Life Happens – October

Sometimes our life gets so busy that most days just fly by without us giving them a second thought.  Therefore, 'Life Happens' is an occasional recap on what has happened in our neck of the woods during the past month or so... Besides the obvious that we were in England during the first 2 weeks of the month, Michigan State… Continue reading Life Happens – October

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London, England – Our Somewhat ‘Kid-Friendly’ Itinerary

I'll just come right out and admit that I am a control freak when it comes to vacation planning.  I am THAT type who would create a spreadsheet with multiple tabs when I do research and plan.  My spreadsheet for London contained tabs ranging from the initial list of all the point of interests that I would like to visit potentially,… Continue reading London, England – Our Somewhat ‘Kid-Friendly’ Itinerary