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London/England – A Few of My Favorite Moments

Very often what truly makes a vacation memorable is not necessarily the actual sights/attractions we visited, but rather certain small moments or something unexpected that occurred which would always make us smile fondly when looking back.  Here are some of my personal favorite ‘moments’ during our England trip.

Missing Our Tube Stop
Obviously this would not normally be a happy moment for me.  However one day while we were strolling along the city, the kids came up with a ‘guessing the word game’.  We each took turn coming up with a word for the other three to guess by specifying how many letters there are in the word.  Then the three took turn guessing by asking one question at a time.  There was really nothing exciting about it, but somehow this game really cracked us up and we kept on playing after getting on the tube.  We were having so much fun and were laughing so hard that the next thing we know, we had missed our stop.  😂😂😂15391495_1265875803472161_564223619634212960_o

Close Encounter with Hot Air Balloons
As we were driving on the country road leaving Dovedale National Nature Reserve in Derbyshire, we happened to see some hot air balloons coming in for landing on the fields right next to us.  We’ve never seen hot air balloons this close and since there was really no one else on the road, of course we quickly pulled over and hopped out of the car to watch.  😍15288581_1265877406805334_3659790404063693876_o

The Greenness of Greenwich
I love how green everything is in Greenwich (no pun intended), from the campus of Old Royal Navy College to the expansive field in Greenwich park.  Strolling along the area really takes your mind away from the hustling and bustling of the city.

The Complete Awesomeness of the Iconic Sights
Seeing Big Ben and the Tower Bridge are by far my favorites.  I just could not get enough of them and if time wasn’t a factor, I would literally camp out by the river front and stare at admire them all day.15391354_1265884426804632_6470688482735599036_o15391268_1265881246804950_6595983423607431152_o

*An honorable mention is St. Paul’s Cathedral, especially its interior.  We were in complete awe as soon as we entered.  Our jaws dropped and we literally stood there and gapped at the ceiling and the surroundings for a few minutes.  Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside the cathedral but honestly my little iPhone wouldn’t have been able to capture its awesomeness anyway…

Red Telephone Booth
Yes, I am THAT tourist.  I wanted to take a picture with London’s famous red telephone booth.  I just think they are adorable especially in their bright red color.

Sky Garden
The coolest hidden gems in London in my opinion.  It’s an indoor garden located high up on the 35th floor of the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building (20 Fenchurch Street).  It offers exceptional views of the city and is a really great space to just go hang out in.  We got to wander around freely in the gardens, the open air terrace and the observation deck.  It is free to enter Sky Garden, however, the space is very limited and reservations must be booked online in advance and have time limit of one hour only.  You can of course bypass this limitation if you are there to dine in one of the restaurants.  If we ever get another chance to visit London, we will definitely want to spend an evening hanging out in this beautiful place.14589925_1211570915569317_4761358017758095880_o

One of the most adorable little English villages in the Cotswolds.  Walking around there surrounded by those cute houses made of yellow Cotswold stones was like being transported into a fairy tale.14711089_1211580968901645_8030514856627741475_o

Meeting a Professional Rugby Player
This is actually Hubby’s moment.  I’ve mentioned before that the sport of Rugby is really big in the Midlands region.  Our friends’ son plays on a local rugby team and one of his teammates’s father is a professional rugby player.  We met him when we went to watch a Sunday game and the two of them pretty much spent the next hour talking about the difference between American Football and Rugby, in addition to getting the personal play-by-play explanation about the game.

Weather in London/England
This is not really a ‘moment’, but before the trip we have heard a lot of people telling us that the weather in England is very unpredictable.  Therefore I just love the fact that we’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather during our entire trip.  It did rain a little bit on the day of arrival and on the day we were leaving so that really didn’t count.  We did make sure to have umbrellas with us at all times, but never needed them once during our trekking around this beautiful country.  🇬🇧😎🌞15304301_1265916826801392_4185643596382826789_o


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