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London/England – A Few of the Kids’ Favorite Moments

And here are some of the children’s favorite moments during this trip…

Animal Love
Feeding the squirrel in St. James Park, the ducks and pigeons in Bourton-on-the-Water (Cotswolds), and the guinea pig at our friends’ house.
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Hiking in Dovedale
A fun afternoon out in the country.  During the hike the kids got to climb rocks and fallen trees, explore caves,  hop on the stepping stones and even wish on a Wishing Well Tree Trunk.15540880_1275305729195835_7295573115331908039_o 15385286_1275305495862525_1999268389903209964_o 15440312_1275305642529177_325049725336628701_o15493729_1275309602528781_987520361228607109_o 15403808_1275309599195448_2475831256171819395_o15541014_1275305719195836_3307183471976500022_o 15578241_1275305802529161_4400636849089572222_o

Police Officer
While it was a bit strange to see police officers in full gear carrying machine guns walking around (we saw this in the airport and in ceremonial places), we did run into an older police officer outside the Parliaments with all smiles and was more than willing to post for pictures with us tourists.  😊


Riding the Double-Decker
Instead of doing a hop-on hop-off bus tour which would’ve been very pricey for our family of 4, we opted for taking a ride on one of London’s famous double-decker city buses.  There are several different routes that take you right by tons of London’s famous sights and we decided to go with Bus #11 that started at Liverpool Street Station.  We were the first and only ones on it when it departed from the station, so we got to take over the upper-deck seats right in front of the big picture window and settled in with our lunch takeaways purchased from the station food court.  It was as if we were on an actual bus tour designed just for us.  We got to relax for an hour or so while seeing all the amazing sights with an unobstructed view.  The kids especially loved this lunching and riding on the bus experience.15443015_1276289199097488_9000781897722883707_o 15443043_1276289179097490_1825413423214466322_o 15585262_1276289219097486_1980740205869199464_o

Climbing to the Top of St. Paul’s Cathedral
528 steps to the uppermost part of St. Paul’s Cathedral?  No problem!  And in true kids fashion they of course had to run the entire way.  So proud they were with the accomplishment and they also got a good kick out of the fact that mommy took SO LONG to finally arrive at the top.


The Lions at Trafalgar Square
The four enormous lion statues at Trafalgar Square is really quite an impressive sight.  And while you are not supposed to climb ON top of the Lions, you could climb all around them (at least that’s what everyone else was doing so I hope it was permitted) which means some good fun for our 2 climbers.15577943_1276307405762334_421547614077297830_o

Harry Potter
Harry Potter was about the only thing they really knew about England prior to the trip.  😅  Needless to say the Harry Potter movie studio tour was one of their most anticipated destinations.  The best part was when they finally got their own wands and the time-turners as previously promised souvenirs.  Although I did not expect them subsequently posing with wands waving in ALL of the pictures the following day… 😂😂😂14711456_1211580475568361_4897384535864893931_o14706990_1211580602235015_922200050841717197_o 14712760_1211580612235014_3339525628712503226_o

Playing on Xbox
Much to my dismay, this was probably one of my son’s favorite moments. 😔  We do not have a gaming system at home (though they do have access to Hubby’s iPad) so it was like Christmas morning when they found out that our friends’ son has Xbox that they can play with.


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