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Mommy’s ‘Hidden’ Skills?

Between the two of us, Hubby is no doubt the ‘fun’ parent.  By this I mean that he is the one who would get down and dirty with the kids, to run/chase them all around, or take them to swim and play basketball.  And this apparently has led the children to think that mommy can’t do is bad at any physical activity.  😂😂

Then one day while Hubby was out of town, I took the kids to our neighborhood park to let off some steam.  The Boy was getting too old to want to play on the tiny play structure in the park, so he begged me play tag with him and he even volunteer to chase me (probably thinking that he’d tag me in no time).  As we started running, he quickly realized that he could not catch me.  He said quite exasperatedly to me afterwards ‘mommy, I didn’t know you could run?!’  Well…’surprise!’  😝  In all honesty though, my advantage was only the fact that I was taller than him therefore bigger strides, and possibly because he was totally caught off-guard.

Another “shocking” moment for the Boy occurred a few weeks ago when I took them bowling one afternoon, you guessed it, when Hubby was once again out of town.  The kids had just gone to a friend’s bowling birthday party the day before and had a real fun time.  And the Boy actually did a decent job (in my opinion) considering it was only his second or third time bowling in his life.  He was looking forward to go bowling with me so he could beat mommy in the game.  I am by no means good at it and I think I was still in college the last time I went bowling.  But I guess I must have the ‘beginner’s luck’ so in that first game, I did pretty well which of course took him by surprise.  ‘How did you know how to bowl?’ was the question he kept asking.

It was actually pretty comical to see their reaction in situations like this.  It’s like they expect daddy to be better than them at something, but surely not mommy too.  It was not like I was sandbagging all this time and I certainly was not trying to make them look bad.  But we are also not the type of parents who would purposely lose a game just so the kids can win.  Nope, sorry.

Rematches have been requested of course and the Girl is especially eager to have a running race with me.  I am actually not so sure if I could still outrun the kids these days, but guess we’ll find out when the weather gets warmer again.  😅😅😅

(A completely random picture since I don’t have one to go with this post…)


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