Traveling With School Aged Kids

I absolutely love the fact that my kids are old enough now that we can really have fun on our family vacations, and that we are making memories together that they will remember (and hopefully treasure one day).  While most families tend to go on trips during school breaks, we seem to usually end up pulling them out of school for said vacations (yes, we are THOSE parents).  Because let’s be honest, the flights are so much more expensive during summer and/or Christmas breaks.  It’s just much more economical to fly off-season which was one of the main reasons we were able to justify some of the trips we’ve taken.

(dreaming of sunny Hawaii…)

Additionally, since both kids typically do well in school, we thought to ourselves:  they are only in elementary school, surely they will have no problem catching up especially we would have them do the necessary homework while they are away.  Though I have to admit that the amount of homework has increased drastically for the Boy (a 4th grader now) these past couple of years.  We started to feel bad that he had to do all that work while on vacation, but for the most part it really has worked out just fine…until we took them out of school for almost 2 weeks (9 school days to be exact) in the fall for England.

Both kids had a ton more homework this time around compared to what they were used to (since they usually only miss one week), and the Boy definitely felt the brunt of it during that first week after he got back.  Now, let’s put this into perspective first.  This is the child who generally completes all of his homework in about 30 minutes and then he’s free until bedtime during school days.  So with some extra catch-up work that he was required to do that week, it may have cut into a lot of his precious playtime which of course was such a torture for him.  This led him to exclaim that we are not to take vacation during school year anymore!  Regardless of the fact that he was completely caught up with everything even before the week’s end. 😂😂😂

I obviously did not guarantee anything, but I did promise that we will never take him out of school for 2 weeks again.  We came to a ‘compromise’ that one week is ok, depending on the destination.  For example, he will gladly be away from school for another trip to Hawaii he said.  😄

I guess this means that I will have to TRY to plan future trips around school breaks, but if I happen to come across that one awesome deal there is just no telling what I will do…


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