Simply Rambling

The Fabulous 40!

I have previously talked about (maybe a bit excessively) how much I had dreaded turning the big 4-O.  Now that I have firmly settled into my 40’s, after just wrapping up year one as a 40-something, I have decided to embrace it fully and determined to make it the best decade yet in my life.  Because if I were being perfectly honest with myself, my 40th year really has been quite terrific!

It was a really good year in the fantastic vacations we were able to take and the family bonding times we got to enjoy, the flourish of several great (and hopefully long-lasting) friendships which led to many good times, and, oh yeah, getting my feet wet in blogging by starting this little site.  While this coming year does not appear to involve too many travel plans (yet), I am confident that it will still be a great one with what’s in store for us!  Happy birthday to me and here is to more fabulous years to come!

(I even got Tiramisu as my birthday dessert, yum!)

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