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A Brief Visit to National Taichung Theater


During my unexpected trip to Taiwan at the end of last summer, I did manage to squeeze in one quick outing catching up with a long time friend for a few hours.  We decided to visit the new National Taichung Theater, which in its Chinese translation means National Opera House.  The unique architecture of this structure both inside and out is what makes it really standout and catches people’s attention.  The building was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito.  I don’t know anything about architecture, but his use of the spatial and geometric concepts to create the beautiful curved walls and surfaces all throughout the building’s interior so that there are no hard angles was truly ingenious.


The building has become a sort of local icon and landmark, and a new favorite place for many photographers as well.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to capture the beauty of these magnificent curves with my little iPhone so I did not attempt to.  This picture here gives you an idea of what the interior looks like.

The theater offers a free 15-20 minutes Toyo Ito Architecture Exhibition which was an interesting experience.  You would first need to request the tickets at the Exhibition entrance with your designated showtime specified.  No shoes are allowed inside and the staff would provide each person a bag to carry your shoes in.  Once inside, you would pick from one of these super comfy and fluffy white ‘beanbags’ to lay sit on, and watch the light projection onto the walls  and ceiling displaying various geometric shapes and lines.  Consider we were there right after lunch, lying on the soft beanbag and the soothing background music playing, I found that some effort was needed to stay awake.  😂


After the light projection show, guests can linger around (for a little bit) to take pictures and also see the 3-D miniature model of the entire structure, before being ushered out.  There are also many interesting displays and other exhibits all throughout the public areas of the theater, so one can probably spend a good couple of hours just perusing around.  Since the main purpose of my visit was to catch up with an old friend, I did not spend time taking as many pictures that day.  I definitely wouldn’t mind returning for another visit someday though to really take it all in.

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