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Road Tripping to Mall of America

A lot of people leave town for spring break around here, and destinations such as Florida, Myrtle Beach and Arizona are the usual popular choices.  As this is our ‘on’ year to go visit family in Taiwan, we really couldn’t afford to fly anywhere for spring break so it was onto searching for a suitable option within driving distance.  Now, my definition of driving distance is very different from most people.  We know plenty folks would make the 13-14 hour drive down to places like Myrtle Beach in one day.  Unfortunately we have a pretty low tolerance when it comes to driving from point A to point B, and a 6- or 7-hour drive is usually all we can take in one day.

With that in mind, I had thought that Washington DC would’ve been a perfect spot for us to spend a week in, especially in the cherry blossom season.  However when I tried to sell the idea to the kids, they asked to go to Mall of America in Minnesota instead (what? seriously?!).  😥  Turns out, in the Boy’s 3rd grade social studies class, they learned about one iconic place in each state and he has since been wanting to check out (and has sold the Girl on the idea too) the largest mall in the U.S. that houses a theme park inside it.  So there you have it people, we went to a mall for spring break! 😂

The distance to Minneapolis definitely exceeds my daily driving limit, but as luck would have it, Hubby needed to attend a weekend seminar just outside of Chicago at the beginning of the break which made it the perfect halfway point for our journey.  And as such, we simply just took it easy and hung out in the Chicagoland for a couple of days.

The kids got to rock climb on some pretty awesome rock walls to their heart’s content on Friday night.

We took the train into Chicago and visited The Field Museum on Saturday.  On Sunday morning the kids got to run off some steam in a nearby playground and then we went to a movie that afternoon.

I have allotted two full days for us in MoA.  On day 1 we pretty much spent the whole day inside the theme park.  We bought the one-day unlimited pass and we sure more than made up for the money spent with all the rides we got on, plus multiple times on the popular rides until we were tired of them.  And the Girl hands down is the the official roller coaster queen of the family.

We also tried out the rope course and after some convincing (on the Boy’s part), all 4 of us got to go zip lining for the first time.  What a fun experience that was!  Unfortunately since we couldn’t bring anything with us up to the rope course and zip line (understandably), I don’t have any pictures to show for it.

To be honest I feel that one full day in MoA is actually plenty for us, especially since we are not into shopping.  Though I can see that for someone who loves to shop, one can easily spend a couple of days just going through all of the stores in there.  We probably could’ve fitted everything in had we stayed a few more hours.  But since we knew that we were returning the next day, we took our time and went back to the hotel before dinner.  And besides, our legs were all very sore and tired at this point.

We took our time getting to the mall the 2nd day and the objective was to walk through the entire place on all 3 floors.  We felt like the mall-walkers in the winter time as we literally just walked by over 500 stores.  The only stops we made were the Apple Store, Barnes and Nobel, the LEGO store and the Nickelodeon toy store.  We also had a lot of fun playing a round of 18-hole miniature golf in Moose Mountain Adventure Golf located on level 3.  After grabbing some late lunch in the food court, we felt that we’ve seen/done everything we wanted to so we headed back to the hotel to spend some time in the pool and relaxed the rest of the day.  On the return trip, we made the same pit stop in Chicago suburbs again where more rock climbing fun was to be had before finally getting home.

All in all, I don’t think there was anything particularly too exciting about this trip.  MoA itself was fun because of the amusement park and we did enjoy our time there.  Though I think this is one of those places that we can check off the list and no need to return again.  However it was still nice to get away for a little while and spent some quality family time together.  😀


7 thoughts on “Road Tripping to Mall of America

  1. I remember going to the Mall of America when I was young as a family trip and had the same conclusion that you did. It was alright, but the better part of it was just spending time with family. Glad that you had a good spring break spent with your loved ones.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave me a comment! Yes, while we did have a good time in MoA, we definitely felt that it was enough. LOL Like you said, spending time with each other is really the most important aspect of the family travel!

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  2. This brings back so many memories! My parents used to live in Eden Prairie and my son would go up there every summer for a month to stay with them. He was obsessed with the “M.O.A.” lol. When I would drop him off and pick him up at the beginning and end of the month, we would of course make a stop there and I would ride all the rides with him. So much fun!

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  3. My old stomping grounds! I grew up just an hour away from Chicago (I’m from Wisconsin). I went to the Mall of America a few times as a kid, and I remember the LEGO section being my favorite part. And the roller coaster of course! I bet it’s super different now, though. A kid’s paradise, for sure!

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