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A New Normal: Adapting to the Overwhelming New Schedule

Wasn’t I literally just talking about how we had managed to survive the juggling act among different kids’ after-school activities not even a month ago??  As it turns out, the reprieve only lasted all but the length of spring break.  As soon as the break was over, both kiddos started on the swim team and the Boy also started soccer.

The schedule was actually not too bad initially, with 2 swim practices and 2 soccer games a week and we get to double up a swim practice Saturday morning and a soccer game Saturday afternoon.  What we did not know when signing the Boy up for soccer (his first time playing) was that in addition to 2 games a week, there is also one additional practice during the week which we didn’t find out until 2 weeks into the season.  😒

Additionally, after wrapping up the first 2 weeks of swim team practices, both kids were already being moved up to the next level.  Honestly it is a lot of fun for us watching them swim competitively after they’ve been swimming for almost all their life!  Though this does translate to 3 practices a week instead of 2.  Therefore, our schedule is now super crazy with 3 days of swimming and 3 days of soccer every week, at least until the end of May!  The biggest challenge with this new schedule is for us to find the right routine to settle into with time for homework, making/eating dinner, driving to/from the activity and somehow still give them time to play and sleep.  Seriously!  How do other people manage this?!  I sincerely admire those parents with multiple children and each has his/her own sports/activities that they participate in.  With that being said, I definitely do not want this to become our permanent routine.  No thank you!  I had to give Hubby a death-ray look last night when he asked the Girl if she wanted to try soccer next fall!


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