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Those Long and Exhausting International Flights

You would think that we should be professionals by now with flying those inter-continental flights.  Instead, I feel those flights from the US to Asia are only getting more and more unbearable as I get older.

We typically take a family trip to visit Taiwan once every two years, and we’d normally fly Delta out of Detroit with one layover stop in Tokyo.  This year however, in order to save some money on plane tickets, we opted to go with two stops by way of Toronto and Tokyo, via Air Canada.  It doesn’t matter how you slice it, the most brutal lag is of course always the flight to Tokyo, with it being about 13 hours long.

These days we usually just glue to the entertainment system in front of our seats watching movie after movie until we pass out.  Unfortunately the movie selections on our Air Canada flight from Toronto to Tokyo seemed to be a bit lacking, which made the journey felt that much longer.  Aside from the seemingly never-ending flight time, we have also somehow lost the ability to tolerate the airplane food.  This meant that both kids barely ate anything at all (other than the snacks we packed) in the span of 22 hours.  What’s worse was that they still have not figured out how to sleep without actually lying down, so there was a lot of re-adjusting and fidgeting, and they didn’t really crash until the last couple of hours on the flight.  The hunger (even though they claimed that they were not hungry at all) and the sheer exhaustion made this trip particularly painful for everyone.  But give them credit, they took it all like a trooper without being whiny or having a meltdown.

We’ve now been in Taiwan for 2 weeks, and the Hubby will be joining us in a couple of days (may his flight experience be better than ours).  We will be taking the reverse journey back to the US in another 2 weeks.  I think we may just have to buy food to bring onto the flight to North America to hopefully make it a bit less miserable…

*On a completely different note, I’m digging this cool window shades setting on our plane 😁


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