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Random Thoughts and Shots from Taiwan

We spent about one month in Taiwan during the first half of the summer break.  We have been back for a little over 2 weeks now and things have finally gone back to normal (as normal as it can be in summertime).  This means getting thrown right back to the daily grind, trying to catch up on work and getting kids to/from summer camp(s).  Hence posts from the trip are really slow coming unfortunately…

(view from my parents’ balcony)

The main goal of these Taiwan trips is to spend time with family and friends whom we only get to see once every other year.  On the one hand, one month seems like a long time, but it also felt like it all went by in a blur, what with 2 weeks of Chinese camp for the kiddos and work for me (I had to work for 2 weeks as I do not have that many vacation days to use), some road trips in between, and lots of eating out which goes hand in hand with meeting up with family/friends in Taiwan.  😁  In addition to all this, we were also either being eaten alive by the mosquitos or being melted by the sweltering heat!  😂  But I guess that’s summer in Taiwan for ya!

Here are just some random snapshots during our visit for now, until I can get better organized.

–We tagged along with my sister’s family to participate in an outdoor class all about insects led by a popular ‘Insects Teacher’.

–We enjoyed some super yummy soup dumplings (xiao long bao) at the world famous Din Tai Fung and learned that the kids apparently can have a grand ol’ time playing with their cousins’ motor scooter helmets.

–We also took a day trip to Taipei via the high speed rail and spent a very hot half a day in Taipei Zoo.  Everyone was so exhausted from the unforgiving heat that we decided to skip the planned stop after the zoo, and jumped right back on the high speed rail to head home after lunch.  Note to self:  only to visit Taipei Zoo in winter from now on!

–The Girl demanded that I find them some sparklers for 4th of July since it was my decision to spend it in Taiwan, not hers.  😂  Luckily, Ye-Ye (grandpa in Chinese) came to the rescue and found some from a toy store.  They got to share the sparklers with some new friends from Chinese camp as well.

–Other miscellaneous outings

(we certainly did a LOT of eating out)
(custom made cotton candy – how cute is its shape!)

(A very rare family shot for us!)

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Shots from Taiwan

  1. How lovely! I want to go to Taiwan so badly. My boyfriend goes there for work sometimes (in fact he’s heading to Taipei next Monday!) and he says it’s just the best. I’ve actually been to Din Tai Fung! There’s one in Seattle now. 🙂 Yummy!

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    1. You really MUST visit Taiwan one of these days (though maybe avoid summertime)!! It has so much to offer and it’s such an underrated destination. I’m jealous that you can enjoy Din Tai Fung in Seattle. Those dumplings are just so delicious, aren’t they?


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