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A Tropical Getaway in Kenting, Taiwan

If you see this picture above without any caption as to where it is, would you have guessed that it’s actually somewhere in Taiwan?

After the Hubby came to join us in Taiwan, my sister and I took both of our families along with our parents on a mini tropical vacation (4 days 3 nights) in Kenting.  Kenting is located in the southernmost tip of the island, and is the most popular beach destination in Taiwan.  It is known for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, unique rock formations and a lush national forest recreation area.  This whole region makes up the oldest national park in Taiwan.

Kenting is a popular place for visitors all year round, though I personally think it’s most comfortable in wintertime with average temperature around the 70’s.  It does get especially busy in the summertime (even with the extreme heat) with flocks of tourists swarming in to partake in various water activities.  The surrounding area has many great hiking trails and its main street is fun to walk around at night as well.  Unfortunately with all its popularity, this means very expensive lodging options around town during the summer season (if you want something above average).  I have heard people commented that the cost of spending 4-5 days in Kenting is more expensive than visiting a nearby Southeast Asia country for the same length of time.  Ouch!

After toying around with a few lodging options, we decided to bite the bullet and stay at the very pricy Chateau Beach Resort (we did stay at a wonderful bed & breakfast place for the first night to save some money).  The location of this hotel really can’t get any better as it sits right on its own beautiful private beach.  Considering the fact that we wouldn’t have to fight the crowd or try to find a place to park at a public beach somewhere, the convenience just outweighed everything else especially when we were also traveling with younger children.  Although for how much they charged for a room, it was really too bad that meals were not included with the rate.  We did end up spending more on food than probably necessary by eating inside the resort, but the idea of trucking 10 people around town to find a place to eat just seemed daunting.  I also found that the guest rooms were just ok, even felt a bit cramped.  But, at the end of the day, we achieved the goal of having a great time playing in the ocean and jumping waves for hours on end!  😎


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