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The Rocky Side of Kenting

Whenever/wherever we see anything that could potentially be climbed, our girl would find a way to do it.  So it was to her great delight that she got to explore some of Kenting’s rocks by the coast when we ventured out of the resort.

– Mobitou Park (貓鼻頭)

Mobitou is located on one of the two tips on the southernmost part of the island.  It is known for its coral reef rock formation coastline, as well as the famous rock that can be seen from the lookout at the end of the path.

This famous rock shapes like a sitting cat looking out to the ocean, and is the namesake for the park – which literally translates to ‘tip of a cat’s nose’.

The park offers beautiful and spanning views of the ocean as well as the other side of the national park from across the bay.  The path from the entrance leading up to the lookout point was just a short distance and a gradual climb.  Though the park itself is really not that big, it was still a good place for the kiddos to let off some steam after being crammed in the car for 4 hours.

*The park does charge a nominal admission fee:  $30 NT (about $1 USD) per adult and kids under 12 are free.

– Jialeshuei Scenic Area (佳樂水)

Jialeshuei Scenic Area is known for having abundant coastal rocks in interesting shapes and forms due to long-term erosions by the combination of strong winds and ocean waves.  Though it is technically not within the territory of Kenting National Park, with its close proximity many tourists would include this stop during their visit down south.  To get to Jialeshuei from Kenting, you would need to drive past the southernmost tip of Taiwan and loop back up north on the east coast for a little bit.

Once enter the park, visitors can choose to either walk the 2.5 kilometers path that follows along the coastline, or, to ride the park shuttle which is included in the admission fee ($100NT per adult, about $3USD), and the later option was what we went with this time.  The shuttle driver would make brief stops along the way to allow for pictures at certain interesting looking rocks that shape like (with the driver’s prompting and some imagination) a seal, a rhino, an upside down pig, etc.  I didn’t take many pictures as I found it a bit difficult to take good ones from inside the shuttle.  The visitors can disembark when the shuttle reaches the end of the path to walk around.  There is also a gazebo nearby to get away from the sun if one chooses.  The driver informed us that we would only have 10-15 minutes to walk around before needing to be shuttled back to the entrance.  As this is where our gang wanted to spend time having fun exploring the rocks, and the fact that there seems to be a shuttle leaving every 15 minutes or so, we stayed back longer and caught a later shuttle instead.

(The Toad? Frog?)
(The rock that shapes like the island of Taiwan)
(The side of a lion’s head?)

If it weren’t for the unbearable sun and the heat (are you seeing a trend yet?), I think we would’ve enjoyed actually walking along the coast and taking our time.  Once again this solidifies the reason of not visiting Kenting in the summer again, as it’s just too painfully hot for us northerners! 😂


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