The 'Move'

Our Big Announcement

I’ve been MIA around here lately.  Other than the usual busy schedule that seems to be the norm for us these days, the truth is that I’ve really been struggling with writing this particular post.  For some reason I just can’t seem to come up with the right words to express what I wanted to say.  Also because I am mixed with so many different emotions I’m worried that I would just end up rambling on too much.

For the few of you who’ve been reading since the beginning (and I thank you for still being here), you know that I was going through in my opinion some sort of mid-life crisis.  In the last few years, I often find myself feeling a sense of restlessness and seem to be constantly searching for something.  I now know what that something is:  I want some new and different adventures!  We really do have a good life right now from a traditional sense, but I think a little more of extraordinary will be good for us as a family.

So here it is, our big announcement, our life-changing decision:  we have decided to pick up and move our family across the Pacific Ocean, to the little island of Taiwan next summer!!!

First and foremost, we are of course very excited about this upcoming move, and all of the possibilities that could come with it.  We are looking forward to experiencing many new things and seeing more of this beautiful world together.  We are hopeful that we will grow as a person individually, as well as stronger and closer as a family at the end of this particular journey.

However in addition to excitement, there is also anxiety.  In fact I am scared.  People who do this sort of things are usually a lot younger and/or without kids.  I am not talking about those who got sent overseas by their jobs where their company would take care of all of the moving, housing and childcare/education, etc.  We are doing this on our own accord.  And let’s be honest, you can plan for life all you want, but there is just no way to know if things will really pan out the way you want them to.  And this is a HUGE deal.  We are pulling the kids out of school, out of their comfort zone, away from all of their families and friends.  And for this I am truly heartbroken (and many tears have been shed on my part).  I am very sad that we will be living so far away from our loved ones.  I am sad that we are forcing the kids to leave their friends (we are sad to leave our own friends too).  Believe me when I say that it’s a constant struggle for me.  And no on can guarantee that they will love living in a foreign country, even if that’s their mother’s birth place.  But I guess this is why it’s called an adventure, right?

We get a lot of questions whenever someone learns about our decision which is completely to be expected.  Here is a summary of the types of questions we most frequently get and some quick answers.


Why not?!  Please refer back on top regarding the desire for new adventures.  Additionally, my mother has not been doing too well health-wise in recent years, so we figured that we could use this opportunity to spend more time with my side of the family.  This will allow the kids to really get to know them well, other than only visiting for 2 weeks every other year.  They will finally have the time to learn the language and the culture.  On top of it all, we are really hoping to do more traveling as well with a home base in Taiwan.


As much as I wish that I could be one of those people who could quit their jobs and sold everything in order to travel around the world full time, I am not nearly brave enough to dive into the deep end like that, especially with kiddos in tow (though it was tempting at times).  Instead, I was able to make arrangements to take my job overseas with me.  This helps with our peace of mind knowing that we would still have some income while we are making our dream a reality.  With that said, the hubby does have to sell his practice for this move as his job is unfortunately not as mobile as mine.


Since the hubby will not be taking his job to Taiwan, people wonder what he is going to do everyday.  The truth is, he is going to be taking on the most important and the hardest job of all (one that I will never be able to do).  He will be in charge of homeschooling the children!  It is a tremendous responsibility and a lot of pressure.  He’s got a lot of different interesting resources lined up already and is continuing to gather more information.  We are very excited about all of the additional topics/subjects that the kids will be exposed to and be able to explore further, outside of the standard public school curriculum.  I’m actually getting jealous thinking about how they will be doing a lot of fun learning while I will be stuck at work.   😂😂😂

-When/How Long?

The goal is for us to arrive in Taiwan before the end of June, 2018, so the kids can attend summer camp(s) there.  However, we will be pulling the kids out of school early to do some traveling (we are SUPER excited about this but will get to that some other time) before hopping on that Taiwan-bound flight.  Our current plan for this little stint is 3 years and we will just have to see how things go.

We know that not everyone would agree with or support our decision, and that’s ok.  Some might also think that we are spending all this money instead of saving for children’s college education and/or retirement is a mistake.  That may be so.  However, we also think that the memory and experience we will get to have together as a family will be priceless, and it will be something that we get to treasure forever.  Besides, we want to make our children spend as much time as possible with us before they are all grown up and rather hang out with their friends instead.  😉

So there you have it!  Comments?  Thoughts?


10 thoughts on “Our Big Announcement

  1. It isn’t easy to make this decision. But we must do something before it’s too late. And I glad you have a wonderful family to support to each other. Maybe it is a little difficult for anyone,but at least all family will stay together, support each other no mater where you go. Nobody like to leave the place they like. If u have chance to see and learn from different country, you are also own the chance some people they will not have forever. You could make it to a wonderful experience. It will be your family big challenge. Fighting!!!!

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful adventure with so many incredible experiences you can’t even begin to imagine now. I would be anxious and concerned too about the unknown but I’m sure this will be amazing for all of your family.

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  3. Somehow, I did not realize that you had a blog. This is heady and exciting stuff you are living out right now! There’s no question that your adventures played a part in Tim leaving his job for what I can only term a “time out”. For that, I am immensely grateful.

    Taking time while the kiddos are young to travel, live and learn together has got to be one of the best investments in their future you can possibly make. I truly wish you all the very best, and I look forward to reading more here!

    Happy trails!


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Leah! It’s very nice and helpful for us to get encouragements from others.

      We are definitely taking the ‘living in the now’ philosophy and we hope this experience will help all of us grow. We are very glad to see that you guys also get to spend a lot of quality family time together now that Tim is taking a little break. 🙂


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