The 'Move'

Because We Like Doing Things the Hard Way

All of the planning and efforts that are needed to make an international move possible is no joke.  I wish it was as simple as bringing nothing but two suitcases like I did when I moved to the U.S. twenty-some years ago.

Trying to knock off the tasks on the ever-growing to-do list while still maintaining the day-to-day schedule could definitely get overwhelming at times.  Certain things are more of an ongoing process such as slowly purging any unnecessary household items/clothes/toys, etc, and taking stock on what to ship and what to keep.  In a few short months we will need to start making shipping and storage arrangements.  We’ll also need to obtain all of the necessary documentation at some point for the visa applications which in and of itself would be very tedious.  Additionally in early 2018, we will need to research what summer camps are available (and suitable) for the kids to attend when we first arrive in Taiwan.  All of these are just the big ticket items off top of my head, and there seem to be a million other smaller tasks that are staring at me.  And we will need to check off practically everything on the to-do list and clear out of the house before the end of March, and have the house ready either for rental or for sale (we still go back and forth on this one).

As if all this isn’t demanding enough of the precious little free time we have, there are several trips that we are fitting in before the big move as well.  I am currently in the thick of planning for a Euro trip in spring.  So far I have not really accomplished a whole lot other than purchased the plane tickets in and out of Europe, and booked lodging for all but two stops.  After spending so much time looking through all the apartments listed for each city, I am currently experiencing the Airbnb-fatigue.  I honestly do not want to look at even one more place at the moment.  The place I booked last week for Budapest was maybe only the 2nd or 3rd one I looked at from the search results.  I was too exhausted to want to look any further.  Hopefully because of how excited I am about visiting Budapest that it won’t matter where we stay.  As for the lodging for the remaining two stops, I hope to get back to it after a much needed break from Airbnb.  🙂

But first up will be a road trip to our nation’s capital during the week between Christmas and the New Year.  I know Washington D.C. is not exactly a winter vacation hot spot, but our good friends will be joining us on this trip so we are all very looking forward to some quality time together!  I can already envision some soccer and football playing with the kids on the beautiful greens of the National Mall.

Then when spring break comes at the end of March, the kids will officially be done at their school.  Before we leave for Europe, we are squeezing in another road trip down to Texas visiting our good friends in Dallas and Houston. We hope to make a stop in San Antonio as well if time permits.  In fact, we are hoping that Michigan State’s basketball team will make it to Final 4 in 2018 which will be hosted in SA at the same time we will be there!!

So you see, to describe the pace of our life for the next 4-5 months as whirlwind is probably an understatement.  Please keep your fingers crossed that I will survive and stay sane through it all.  🙂


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