Life Happens

Life Happens – December 2017

Sometimes our life gets so busy that most days just fly by without us giving them a second thought.  Therefore, ‘Life Happens’ is an occasional recap on what has been happening in our neck of the woods during the past month or two…

(the Christmas tree inside Chicago’s Union Station)

December is usually a very busy month for us.  In addition to getting ready for Christmas like everyone else, we also need to fit in a birthday celebration for both kids in there somewhere.

So far we are 2 weeks into the month and we have already accomplished:

A Joint Birthday Celebration for 3 very special kiddos.

Youth Ninja Warrior Competition for the girl.
Unfortunately she did not do as well as expected which meant that she did not qualify for the nationals in February.  But we are very proud of her perseverance for finishing the course strong in spite of falling at an earlier obstacle (for kids competition they let them complete the course run even after they fail).

Christmas Shopping
Thanks to Amazon we have finished all of our Christmas shopping early this year.  Yay me!  Although I still need to wrap them all which I usually procrastinate until Christmas Eve.

A Snow Day
We got our first big snow fall yesterday this season and all evening long the kids were hoping and wishing for a snow day.  Their wish came true at bedtime which caused too much excitement that lead to insomnia instead.  >”<

We just need to survive one more week of school/work and then we can finally enjoy some time off.  We are especially looking forward to Christmas this year and hope to spend some extra quality family/cousins time since we will not be here to celebrate with them next year.  And then it is off to Washington D.C. we go!



2 thoughts on “Life Happens – December 2017

  1. Wow, that’s an awesome cake! And how exciting to get all of that snow! I hope December wrapped up nicely for you. 🙂 And YAY, Washington, DC! I used to live there. (Are you from there? Or have you been before?) I have a city guide on my blog if you’re interested. I miss that city so much!

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    1. We just came back from vacationing in DC 2 days ago (I know, not your typical winter destination). I have been there a LONG time ago, but this was first time for the kiddos. I’ve always liked DC and we did enjoy our visit. Unfortunately it was so unseasonably cold last week which made walking around pretty painful for everyone, even with us coming from Michigan. 😦


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