Life Happens

Life Happens – March 2018

Sometimes our life gets so busy that most days just fly by without us giving them a second thought.  Therefore, ‘Life Happens’ is an occasional recap on what has been happening in our neck of the woods during the past month or two…

Is it really the end of March already?!  Honestly I am barely holding it together these days.  My emotions are strung out so tight lately I’m afraid that I might break down at any moment.  I don’t know how others do it when they are getting ready to move overseas.  But I find it impossible to prepare for it both mentally and physically when we are still trying to maintain a “normal” life with work, school, sports and social activities.

Last Day at School
Today is officially the last day for the kiddos at school as spring break starts tomorrow.  They’ve known about this day for quite some time now and for the most part they seem ok with it.  They are definitely a little apprehensive due to the unknowns and leaving friends and family which is to be expected, but I know there is also excitement in them.  However, it is probably going to be a tough day for them no matter what, especially both kids have really flourished and have had a lot of fun this school year.

Both kids have just wrapped up winter basketball and Alex’s team (that Rich has coached for the past 3 winter seasons) repeated as the league champion (for their grade), going undefeated this season.  Annabelle has also improved a lot in her basketball skills as she got to tag along to practice with Alex’s team every week (benefits of her dad being the coach).  Additionally, she also plays  indoor soccer on Fridays since the beginning of January and will play her last game this Friday.  And being the softies we are, we also couldn’t say no when they asked to take the chess (boy) and drama class (girl) for ‘one last time’… >”<

Packing/Moving/Selling the House
We probably started the whole process a bit too late, what with our super busy day-to-day schedule.  We have been slowly getting rid of stuff since the new year, but it wasn’t until the end of February when we realized that our speed was too slow.  Have you had that feeling like everything else is moving so fast except that you are moving in slow motion.  You know you are moving too slowly but nothing you can do to catch up.  Yep, that’s us when it comes to moving out!  And how in the world did we end up with having that much stuff in the first place?!  Then last week we came to the conclusion that there was no way we could clear out of the house and have it ready to be listed by the end of the month, so we decided to cancel our spring break Texas road trip to buy us a bit more time getting everything done, before we head out on our first worldschooling adventure in a couple of weeks.  And please fingers crossed that our house will sell quickly!

These past three months have zoomed by way too fast.  Maybe it was because part of us don’t want the “big day” to come so soon, or maybe we tried to squeeze into our schedule as much as we can because we were leaving soon.  There have been many playdates for the kids, and even some for the adults too.  There may or may not have been some tears on my part already.  I am not gonna lie, these conflicting emotions are rough…


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