Yay We Made It!!

The day has arrived and we have finally started on our long awaited Europe trip (expect a series of posts on our travels to come)!

To describe the days leading up to our departure as a whirlwind is a gross understatement.  Miraculously we had managed to clear out of the house and had it ready for sale by the first weekend of April.  The house was officially put on the market on that Friday morning, and we had over 50 showings in the course of 3 days.  We received multiple offers and by that Sunday evening the house was sold.  I guess we were very lucky to be in the sellers market right now.  Who would’ve thought that one of my biggest concerns would turn out to be the quickest to resolve.

We are currently on week two of this new traveling life.  First week was consisted of getting over the jet lag (which surprisingly was harder than when we went to Asia), fumbling through the homeschool curriculum, finding the right balance between school work and sightseeing, and trying to figure out the appropriate weekly budget.  I think we’ve taken cared of the jet lag department, however the rest will be a work-in-progress as we get more settled into a rhythm and adjust our ways accordingly.


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