One Year Adventuring Anniversary

Facebook Memories reminded me that one year ago today we set off on this once in a lifetime adventure, so I figure that I should probably write something to commemorate it.  🙂

If I were to be perfectly honest though, I have some mixed emotions about this moment.  We had initially taken off with the intention of living abroad in Taiwan for a few years.  Then with some unexpected changes in our circumstances, we had to switch gear and made this journey into a gap year instead.  Don’t get me wrong, it is exactly because of it being a gap year that I have been able to thoroughly enjoy lots of quality time with the family and just be in the present.  Annabelle has told me many times throughout this year how much she is loving spending all this time with me, that she used to miss me a lot because I was often tied up with work in the past.  It both warms and breaks my heart hearing this.  Therefore, it is truly a blessing that we have this opportunity to really be with each other and reconnect.  ❤️

On the other hand, this also means that our gap year adventures are quickly coming to an end, and truth be told I am not quite ready for it to be over just yet.  I want to hold on to these precious moments that we get to share with the kiddos before getting back to the daily grind.  And before we know it, the kids are going to be busy with their own activities or friends, and probably won’t think that it’s cool to hang out with the parents anymore.  😱  Not to mention that there are still so many places that I want to see and experience together as a family.  Because let’s be real, when are we ever going to have this kind of opportunity again to spend 2 months slowly traveling through a country like we are doing now in New Zealand?  But, whether I like it or not, it is time to face reality and prepare myself to re-enter the real world soon.  You know, like the whole getting a job thing.  😂


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