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I am a 40-something who is going through in my opinion some sort of mid-life crisis.  As the dreaded big 4-O has come and gone, I found myself in a state of constant searching for something.  Whether that something is something new, something different, or just in need of a change of pace, I just don’t know.  But whatever IT is, I have decided to start this blog as a 40th birthday present to myself – a space to jot down memories and random thoughts.

I have a beautiful family of 4.  The hubby and I met in college when we attended Michigan State University (Go Spartans!) and to this day we are still very much diehard Spartan fans and would not miss a single football or basketball game on TV.  We have two beautiful and awesome kids and we live an ordinary yet busy life in the peaceful midwest…until now.  I am not sure if I have actually found the ‘IT’, but the hubby and I have decided that it is time to try to make our adventuring dream into a reality.  In the summer of 2018, we will be making the biggest move in our lives by uprooting our little family all the way to the other side of the world.  We will be calling Taiwan home for the next few years and we hope to be able to travel more as part of this new adventure (more about this decision here).

This site is by no means a travel blog, though it may be more travel-focus at times.  You will not see awesome photography here either since I take all of my pictures on my iPhone.  ‘Everyday Joyful Sky’ started off as a place for my own ramblings.  Now my hope for this blog is for it to be a space to record our journey during this new and exciting chapter in our lives – the ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs, the new adventures and travels as a family, and probably still some random personal reflections or musings here and there.  It will also serve as a way for us to share our experiences and memories with families and friends back home while we are living overseas.

A little more about me:  I am a huge sports fan, especially college football and basketball.  I love action adventure, superhero and sci-fi movies.  I enjoy reading fictional novels and probably way too many travel blogs.  I absolutely LOVE to travel and I am constantly wandering in my mind where to go next!  I am also a very impatient and quick-tempered person, and unfortunately I did not improve much on that end even after raising children all these years… 😅

I’m so glad that you are here and thank you for stopping by.  I would really love to make new connections so please don’t be shy to leave me a comment or two, or just to say hi, and I do hope that you will visit again sometime soon!



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  1. Hi Kelly! Thank you for telling about yourself and your family. Your blog is so interesting and i simply love the photos that you have shared.


  2. Wow! Great blog. This is a great way to follow you along in your adventures. We can live vicariously through you. I’m getting my little fix in December as you foster Liam. Thank you for that. Looking forward to following you on your family journey.

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