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Thanksgiving hands down is my favorite holiday.  Maybe it's because I get more days off for Thanksgiving than for Christmas.  Maybe it's because it's the calm and the break I needed before charging through December until after Christmas. We always get to consume way too much a lot of excellent food at Thanksgiving feast thanks… Continue reading Thanksgiving

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A New Normal: Adapting to the Overwhelming New Schedule

Wasn't I literally just talking about how we had managed to survive the juggling act among different kids' after-school activities not even a month ago??  As it turns out, the reprieve only lasted all but the length of spring break.  As soon as the break was over, both kiddos started on the swim team and the… Continue reading A New Normal: Adapting to the Overwhelming New Schedule

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Our Thanksgiving Traditions

We are so very lucky to have Hubby's brother, the undeniably the best cook/chef in the family, to host the annual Thanksgiving feast.  This only means one thing people:  we always inadvertently consume way too much yummy food and over-stuff ourselves by the end of the feast, no matter what we may have told ourselves in advance… Continue reading Our Thanksgiving Traditions