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Our Time in Taiwan So Far

Taking a break from Europe posts to bring you an update on our life lately... After our 2-month travels in Europe, we returned to the US for a 2-week whirlwind stint that included a 5th-grade graduation, a big family birthday bash, a going away party, multiple playdates for the kiddos, wrapping up any unfinished business… Continue reading Our Time in Taiwan So Far

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The Rocky Side of Kenting

Whenever/wherever we see anything that could potentially be climbed, our girl would find a way to do it.  So it was to her great delight that she got to explore some of Kenting's rocks by the coast when we ventured out of the resort. - Mobitou Park (貓鼻頭) Mobitou is located on one of the… Continue reading The Rocky Side of Kenting

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A Tropical Getaway in Kenting, Taiwan

If you see this picture above without any caption as to where it is, would you have guessed that it's actually somewhere in Taiwan? After the Hubby came to join us in Taiwan, my sister and I took both of our families along with our parents on a mini tropical vacation (4 days 3 nights) in… Continue reading A Tropical Getaway in Kenting, Taiwan

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Random Thoughts and Shots from Taiwan

We spent about one month in Taiwan during the first half of the summer break.  We have been back for a little over 2 weeks now and things have finally gone back to normal (as normal as it can be in summertime).  This means getting thrown right back to the daily grind, trying to catch… Continue reading Random Thoughts and Shots from Taiwan