One Year Adventuring Anniversary

Facebook Memories reminded me that one year ago today we set off on this once in a lifetime adventure, so I figure that I should probably write something to commemorate it.  🙂 If I were to be perfectly honest though, I have some mixed emotions about this moment.  We had initially taken off with the… Continue reading One Year Adventuring Anniversary

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Lisbon, Portugal – A Leisurely Stroll in BelĂ©m

BelĂ©m is such a delightful district just west of downtown Lisbon.  It can be easily reached from central Lisbon via Tram #15E so it was a perfect place for us to have an enjoyable half-day excursion. BelĂ©m is located at the mouth of the Tagus River and it was of great importance during the period of Portuguese… Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – A Leisurely Stroll in BelĂ©m