One Year Adventuring Anniversary

Facebook Memories reminded me that one year ago today we set off on this once in a lifetime adventure, so I figure that I should probably write something to commemorate it.  🙂 If I were to be perfectly honest though, I have some mixed emotions about this moment.  We had initially taken off with the… Continue reading One Year Adventuring Anniversary

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Slowing down in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the 3rd largest city in Spain where we stayed for 2 weeks, the longest stop during our 2-month Europe trip last year.  I wanted to have a sort of base to slow down and relax, at least for a little while.  We honestly didn't do anything spectacular and the city doesn't have world-famous… Continue reading Slowing down in Valencia, Spain

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Pena Palace – A Fairy Tale Castle in Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a cool town west of the capital city Lisbon and it makes for a perfect day trip from the city as it's only 40 minutes by train from Rossio Station.  We took the 8:11am train and arrived at Sintra just in time to catch the first 434 bus that departed from outside the station at… Continue reading Pena Palace – A Fairy Tale Castle in Sintra, Portugal

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Our Time in Taiwan So Far

Taking a break from Europe posts to bring you an update on our life lately... After our 2-month travels in Europe, we returned to the US for a 2-week whirlwind stint that included a 5th-grade graduation, a big family birthday bash, a going away party, multiple playdates for the kiddos, wrapping up any unfinished business… Continue reading Our Time in Taiwan So Far

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Lisbon, Portugal – City of Seven Hills

I really wish I had the time to blog more often (heck, to even blog at all), but moving internationally is really no joke.  After we returned to the US from the 2-month Europe trip, It was a mad dash to get everything done in two short weeks before the big move.  Then once we… Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – City of Seven Hills